Different modalities provide different benefits, and all of them promote health, wellness and relaxation. Discover which modality is best for you:



Deep Tissue massage


There are many forms of massage categorized under "Deep Tissue".  Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Sculpting are a few examples of this.  Each of these modalities uses firm pressure to interact more directly with the muscles to help facilitate tension release and stretching of muscles. This form of massage is excellent for rehabilitation, chronic pain, and overall emotional and physical wellness. 

Rate: $60/hour

Swedish massage


This is the most basic form of massage. It involves light, flowing strokes and leaves one feeling rejuvenated.  Nothing says "relax" more than a professional Swedish massage to increase your endorphin levels and blood flow to the body. If you are new to massage, this modality can be a gentle and appealing introduction to the work of massage therapy. 

Rate: $60/hour